MILES TO PERDITION - Blasphemous Rhapsody

Miles To Perdition - Blasphemous Rhapsody

9 songs
36:30 minutes
***** ***


Having started as a metalcore band in 2007, Miles To Perdition from Luxembourg soon decided to add melodic death metal elements, as the musicians were rather fond of the Gothenburg death metal sound. The first EP Vengeance came out in 2010 and left a very favourable impression. Four years have gone since then, which is a really long time for a young aspiring band, but I can guarantee that Miles To Perditionís first longplayer wonít disappoint.

The album starts with an instrumental intro, where the first minute is a symphonic part that has a certain Victorian gothic horror atmosphere, and the second minute has the musicians take over the motif and show what to expect. Things truly begin with Pray To Destroy, with slightly under four minutes one of the shorter songs, but nevertheless an incredibly varied piece of music that blends mid-tempo metalcore with faster paced death metal parts. Especially the dual guitar harmonies show the unmistakable influence of bands like At The Gates, In Flames, etc. The vocals switch between hysterical metalcore shrieks and death metal growls, thus fitting the music. The following In Defiance Of Defeat is the longest track on the album, clocking in at nearly six minutes, and once again the listener will be dumbstruck by the many ideas that have found their way into the songwriting. The song may start out in a mid-tempo chug chug riff, but again doesnít take long to upgrade to magnificent up-tempo insanity.

This recipe is basically repeated throughout the album. On paper, this may seem monotonous, but itís the bandís seemingly endless amount of ideas that will prevent any second of boredom. Blasphemous Rhapsody may only be a self-released record, but donít let that deter you, as it sounds just as professional as a major label effort. Ok, so maybe less gloss and a slightly more direct approach, but that is definitely not a drawback.

Usually I am not too big into metalcore bands, but Miles To Perdition really have managed to create a rather special amalgam with their death metal parts - and again I have to praise the exquisite guitar work - so that even an old school guy like me doesnít shy away from their music. Blasphemous Rhapsody is another addition to the ever growing catalogue of quality metal releases from Luxembourg, and one may start wondering when the music world will finally talk about Luxembourg styled metal.

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