MILES TO PERDITION - Miles To Perdition

Miles To Perdition - Miles To Perdition

5 songs
17:21 minutes


Miles To Perdition from Luxembourg have been together for about a year now, and decided to release a first demo CD. Fitting the current trend, they call their music death metal core, inspired by Black Dahlia Murder, Emmure, At The Gates, Darkest Hour and Parkway Drive.

After a bizarre intro, the opener Striving For The Secrets reveals that most of the band’s influences also only started playing in this millennium. You get fast delivered metalcore with sometimes high sounding guitars, and although the band is smart enough to add enough breaks, the songwriting still feels a little clumsy and immature. More experience could rid them of that problem. The not very professional production fails to create the necessary punch. The final Our Daily Devour is the EP’s highlight but doesn’t hide the fact that these guys still need a lot of work.

Every beginning is hard, and the EP was probably released too early. Their good playing deserves already respect, and I am convinced if they work on their songwriting skills and book a better studio next time, we will be in for a much more convincing offering.

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