Miles To Perdition - Vengeance

7 songs
27:43 minutes
***** ***


Miles To Perdition from the south of Luxembourg were founded in 2007 and released one year later their first EP. As much as this industriousness is laudable, it can also not be denied that their debut came just a little too early. They especially suffered from a weak production that just couldn’t replicate the band’s fierce live energy. This must be the main reason why they took their time for their new album Vengeance which was recorded in a professional studio in Antwerp.

The five musicians stay true to their style and continue playing their mix of melodic death metal and metalcore, but it is obvious that they have considerably matured. Especially the rhythm faction is much tighter than in the past and provides solid groundwork for the astonishingly melodic guitar work. The songwriting is dynamic and varied, taking fully advantage of the better sound. The combination of melodies, velocity and aggression works wonderfully throughout the record. The vocals are typical for this kind of music and fit perfectly. My personal highlight is the last track, I Am The Law, not an Anthrax cover version, but a piece showing the band from an unusually psychotic and dark side.

I am glad that Miles To Perdition finally managed to recreate their incredible live energy to CD. There is no reason why fans of extreme metal should not check out Vengeance.

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