MILL - Laundromat

Mill - Laundromat

13 songs
46:58 minutes
***** ****
Blunoise / One Take


Laundromat is the second album by German melancholic indie rock band Mill. Believing their info sheet, the trio has done great progress since their debut Vertebra which was released two years ago. The songs are less rough than it has been the case in the past. This shouldn't mean that there is no more guitar rock on this CD, songs like the Nirvana-like Sweltry, the Blackmail-like Pasadena or the extremely distorted Dorbeetle underline the importance of the six strings. Don't think now that Mill are simple clones. Their music is far more epic than it is the case for the aforementioned bands. Mantis has a certain symphonic touch, and Spacebar is a marvellous pop ballad with moog instrumentation and Peter Gabriel-like vocals. Mill don't only take advantage from an exceptionally great singer who doesn't have a too German accent, but also the songwriting (mix of guitar noise and epic stuff) is far above the average sound. Even if Mill produced the album by themselves, it was partly mixed by Kurt Ebelhäuser, a Blackmail musician. Although the songs on Laundromat don't enter easily your ear, they are worth being listened to several times. Mill are a hopeful newcomer.

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