MINDFLOW - Mind Over Body

Mindflow - Mind Over Body

9 songs
79:57 minutes
***** ***
Unlock Your Mind


In times where many people just download their music for free on file-sharing programs, bands have to seriously ask themselves what it takes that people still buy their albums. Brazilian prog hardrockers Mindflow have a healthy ego, as they offer that you either download their albums for free on their website, or you buy them and get them in a package that comes across as much more than just a CD. In fact you get a noble digipak, eighty minutes of music and two booklets, one of which consists of a comic explaining the album concept.

But is their second album Mind Over Body worth buying? I didn’t have the time to understand the concept, but the music is what you would expect from a better prog metal band. Mindflow are never really an original band, but the way they combine old and new Fates Warning with the technical playfulness of Dream Theater works fine along the entire playing time, except for a couple of moments like the short ballad Thousand Miles From You which was possibly intended for radio airplay.

Mind Over Body is accessible and complex at the same time. The generally long running times of the songs makes it hard to remember them, but Mindflow find an acceptable equilibrium between melodic prog metal and more intricate parts to remind us where they come from.

You can download this album, but the key to enjoying it in its entirety is to buy it, and spend a lot of time with its concept to finally understand it. I can’t say that I have (with right now more than 80 albums waiting to be reviewed), but I see the potential that this album can unfold for everyone willing to give it a chance.

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