MIND GONE BLIND - Liars And Preachers

Mind Gone Blind - Liars And Preachers

11 songs
46:19 minutes
***** *


Mind Gone Blind are a young quartet from the north of Scotland. After a self-released EP, Liars And Preachers is their first longplayer where they offer absolutely timeless hard rock free of current trends. The band manages effortlessly to transport their audience back into the second half of the Seventies and the first half of the Eighties, when hard rock was still unpolluted with poser and sleaze components. Their music has a very classical feeling, they even lack a second guitar as was popular around that time. Inspired by the bands of the NWOBHM, but also by Ozzy Osbourne in the vocal department, they remain most of the time in mid-tempo regions. The guitar is tuned rather low, which transforms Redline into nearly a doom song. The songs are never too long, always come quickly to the point and lack unnecessary guitar wizardry.

Liars And Preachers has become quite good but unfortunately lacks highlights. Mind Gone Blind need to improve their songwriting skills, and a somewhat harder sound would possibly also help. For a debut, this is acceptable, and though I have come across much worse, progress is highly desirable.

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