MIND ODYSSEY - Time To Change It

Mind Odyssey - Time To Change It

10 songs
44:12 minutes
***** **


Mind Odyssey took a long time for Time To Change It, considering that its predecessor Signs has been released in the last millennium (1999). Mastermind of this German power metal band is Victor Smolski who is probably better known as the guitarist of Rage. Now he managed despite his many activities in his main band to finally come up with a third Mind Odyssey CD.

The album title is misleading because Mind Odyssey can’t really surprise with their new release. They try really hard and there are no complaints about the songwriting, but they never surpass the typical mix of catchiness and bombast. The keyboards play a dominant role yet are perfectly integrated and therefore don’t disturb. Time To Change It keeps an ideal balance between faster rockers and mid-tempo numbers which makes for the necessary amount of variety. Mario LeMole’s powerful vocals furthermore never try to emulate possible idols. Most of the time Mind Odyssey sound like a German band, because they put more emphasis on melodies than other bands from countries who are keener on strong rhythms. Only the more upbeat Final Fight has a strong Eighties US hard rock tendency. Mind Odyssey only fail with the shallow ballad Under The Moonlight concluding the CD and with the soft ending of Face The Rain which mars the impression of that otherwise great track.

True metal fans will love Time To Change It, and the power metal fraction should also have no problems with it. It is still a little sad that Mind Odyssey didn’t dare to leave the safe path.

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