MINIPLI - Bobby-Ray

Minipli - Bobby-Ray

3 songs
6:59 minutes
***** ***


Normally we don’t do CD-single reviews, but it’s rather uncommon for a local band to pre-release one song before the official album, so let’s make an exception. Minipli is a minimalist three-piece with two members from John McAsskill and one from Farmer Cookie Propellers, although I doubt that anyone really remembers the latter one. Minipli is the diametrical antithesis to John McAsskill’s riotous noise rock. Instead of larger-than-life walls of noise, you get on this EP a rather folky outlook on their repertoire. The EP starts with an unmastered version of Bobby-Ray, their first single release. This is a lo-fi desperado country folk song with mixed male and female vocals that turn out to be the band’s strong point. Considering that the local music scene is lately full of bands where singing is replaced by screaming, this is really a welcome alternative. The EP is rounded off by two non-album tracks. Lynchian Movie and Freshed Gesiit were both recorded live and acoustically (ok so there is an electric guitar, but it’s rather undistorted) at Radio ARA’s Sunday show “Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir”. Something like a Peel session light, both songs capture the band’s minimalist lo-fi folk approach and match the quality of the title track. Live, Minipli have even a more varied face, which will certainly be revealed on their upcoming full-length CD in September, but Bobby-Ray is already a nice if show (and very limited) first release. Get your hands on it while it’s still available.

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