MINIPLI - I Go Boom!

Minipli - I Go Boom!

5 songs
14:18 minutes
***** ****


Talk about unlikely success! Formed in late 2006 as a side project of two under-occupied members from John McAsskill and a third musician, Minipli took quite some time to get running. Their debut longplayer Love Is For The Fishis one year later was already quite a revelation if maybe a little too unfocused, yet nobody was hardly talking anymore about their previous band. The next two years saw the three-piece working hard on their songs and sound, and the effort paid off! They won the regional preselections of the Bourges festival, and their fully packed release show at the d:qliq proved once and for all that Minipli have finally found their sound.

Their new EP I Go Boom! only features five songs, two of which are even remixes of tracks from the debut, but even that makes sense under the circumstances. The electronic components which had more of a playful character in their early days have been fleshed out and have become an integral part of their music. The opener, Washing The Money (Lunapark Mix), shows Minipli from their most danceable side. The following What Are You Gonna Do?, a new song, is a cool approach at minimalist electro pop music which actually is not that minimalist that all. The structure is quite basic, but it’s the multi-layered vocals that give Minipli their incomparable charm. Another remix, this time of La Shit (Lubricated Lipsters Mix), is another successful attempt to polish a track from their beginnings. Borderline (Revisited) and Grey Dawn Saturdays end this impressive if too short EP with two further undercooled excursions into the realm of minimalism.

Most songs can be downloaded at the band’s ReverbNation page, but those you prefer to hold a real CD in their hands (even if it comes only with a cardboard cover) should contact the band on their homepage. I Go Boom! is an exquisite release that presents a matured band that has managed to create their own niche in the local music scene. As strange an impression as their music may give on paper, the actual result not only convinces fans of electro pop music, but seems to reach every imaginable audience with its brazen non-respect of conformities. I am already looking forward with anticipation to a next longplayer and hope that Minipli won’t make us wait too long.

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