MINIPLI - Love Is For The Fishis

Minipli - Love Is For The Fishis

10 songs
30:06 minutes
***** ***
Radar / Comet


After their pre-Summer limited CD-EP, Minipli are now back with their first full-length album Love Is For The Fishis. In a local scene that becomes more and more crowded by noisy rock and metal bands, this three-piece managed to build up their own and not too small fan following with their minimalist post-wave sound. Anyone can probably play simplistic music, but Minipli go much further and combine different influences into an original sound which incorporates electronic, folk and rock elements. The self-referential opener Love To Come may not be the best way to start an album, as there is just too little happening there. But the three following tracks (Fuego!, Lynchian Movie, Difficile On The Water) console with a more dynamic approach. The single Bobby-Ray is an archetypical folk song that takes its momentum from the shared vocals that create a goose bump atmosphere. La Shit is again a more experimental track, before Electric Brainstorm is showing Minipli from its rock side. Wichl & The Loops is a small intro, before Washing The Money is another highlight with a coolly pumping bass guitar. Les Anges Losanges ends the album with a longer track that features some trippy retro techno elements.

Minipli are first of all a live band. Seeing them on stage with their weird clothes on, swapping instruments and performing their minimalist yet often catchy songs is an experience you shouldn’t miss. On CD, their more dynamic material works of course better, but Love Is For The Fishis is still an appealing album that can proudly declare to be the first of its kind ever to be released in their home country. Half an hour is maybe a little on the short side, but therefore there are no fillers, some really great material and a cover photograph that’s so cute I would like to cuddle it.

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