MINISTRY - The Last Dubber

Ministry - The Last Dubber

12 songs
64:28 minutes
13th Planet


You know these really bad western movies where someone gets shot over and over again because it takes him ages to finally lie down and be dead? Ministry are seemingly doing just the same when it comes to ending their career. Granted, they are one of the most important and groundbreaking bands of the last quarter century, starting in the early Eighties as industrial pioneers, then singlehandedly popularising industrial metal in the early Nineties with their biggest selling album Psalm 69, and since then always venturing deeper into the limits of what the genre has to offer. But since they declared to call it a day, they have come forward with a remix album of their second last studio album Rio Grande, the farewell live CD and DVD Adios... Puta Madres, the cover versions album Cover Up and now yet another remix album, this time of their last studio album The Last Sucker.

The entire album, except for their Doors cover version Roadhouse Blues, has been given over to Clayton Workbeck who is also a member of the new Revolting Cocks line-up. His interpretations of the source material is bleak, brutal and fiercely aggressive, giving the original material a clinical makeover that fit its nihilist atmosphere. As a bonus, we get additional remixes of Let’s Go by Killing Joke’s John Bechdel and The Last Sucker by DJ Hardware, but they don’t really add much to what came before.

Let’s hope that The Last Dubber is now really the last sign of life by Ministry, otherwise they might just as well resume and release regular releases which certainly would have their fans more excited than just another goodbye present which eventually is nothing than an easy way to cash in a final time before it’s definitely over.

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