Misery Signals - Mirrors

11 songs
49:35 minutes
***** *****


Misery Signals was formed in 2002 from the ashes of 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Compromise. Two years later, their debut Of Malice And The Magnum Heart, which was produced by Devin Townsend, received great reviews worldwide. In 2005 the situation seemed to worsen when singer Jesse Zaraska left the band. But Misery Signals had the extraordinary idea by setting an open audition to their Myspace site, that allowed candidates to download an instrumental song. They just had to add their vocals and send it back to the band. Winner was Karl Schubach, surprisingly a guitarist, but he has a monstrous voice fitting perfectly to a raw band like Misery Signals.

Misery Signals are a metalcore band and the musicians feel most at east in midtempo territory. But what distinguishes them from so many other bands is their ability to add a bit of atmospheric sound to their songs. By each new listening to the record, you will discover new subtle elements you haven't noticed before. Mirrors is heavier and less produced than their debut, but Ben Schigel, who collaborated with Chimaira and Zao in the past, knew how to give the album the right amount of brutality and rawness. The opener Face Yourself is a brutal start and appealing very much from a technical point of view. It's followed by The Failsafe which can be described as controlled chaos. Migrate is a surprisingly calm track, Something Was Always Missing even contains emo passages and Reverence Lost fascinates with a threatening end. The rhythm section gets harmonises well with the atmospheric guitar sound, a recipe that works on the entire album. All songs are running for more or less four minutes, only the title track, which also ends the album, doubles the average length and is a great way to end this record.

If you really need to compare them other bands, Mastodon and Converge come closest, but Misery Signals have done such a great effort that future bands will be compared to them. Mirrors is an album that no metalcore fan can afford to avoid.

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