MISSOURI - Coming Down The Hill With A Picturesque View

Missouri - Coming Down The Hill With A Picturesque View

10 songs
43:32 minutes
***** ***


Nowadays most bands don’t like taking a risk and just perform something somebody else is doing right now with a lot of success. It would be wrong to call Missouri now different just for difference’s sake, but somehow these Germans seem to live in their very own sonic universe. Having started in 2000, Coming Down The Hill With A Picturesque View is already their seventh full-length album, and it shows. The opener Barcelona Sunrise is a perfect pop song that starts this sunny alt rock album full of downright hit songs and hidden gems.

Missouri’s sound is rather difficult to pin down to one specific genre, because it is obvious from the beginning that each of the seven members enters their own ideas, so that at times you hear good natured pop music, which then turns into danceable beat music, and can just as easily switch over to Americana influenced rock sounds. Old School Meeting has for instance this breezy Sixties pop flair, whereas the short Revisited reminds me suspiciously of R.E.M., only to be followed by the lazy but totally cool and relaxed Summer Festival. The second half of the CD follows that pattern, and it is therefore fitting that they end the album with another downbeat long track Picturesque View.

Missouri don’t give any interviews, and why should they? They are aware that their music speaks for itself. Those of you who are looking for sincere music far away from the overly polished radio fare are advised to check out this not really conspicuous, but therefore secretly endearing record.

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