MISS WYOMING - Frogs Never Lie

Miss Wyoming - Frogs Never Lie

14 songs
51:14 minutes
***** **
Frog Sound


Sometimes I get the impression that continental European solo artists are best at manufacturing eclectic rock albums. Only a few weeks after I reviewed the really interesting album by Congaking from Switzerland, I am making my way through the debut album of Miss Wyoming, the project of Olaf Römer from Germany.

Of course, there is also a backing band plus some performances from the likes such as Andy Cox (Fine Young Cannibals) on two songs, and the Hungarian Radio Orchestra on a couple of songs, too. This latter addition should already show that this is not your typical rock album, but you rather get a multi-faceted ride into musical fields strongly influenced by the 60ies and the 70ies. Apart from the Beatles coverversion Run For Your Life (which is also the single edit), all the songs have been penned by Olaf Römer himself.

When I used the word "eclectic" before, I mean that nearly every song has a different style: jangly pop for the opener Comeback Of The Frog, soul for Sweet Thing, noise rock for Breaking Up, epic progressive rock for Angels Never Lie and pure geekiness for the short Friends. In fact there are some really short songs on the album which have the effect of loosening the atmosphere, like holes in a Swiss cheese, if you know what I mean.

This is an album you have to listen to many times, and you will always discover something new, which is a good thing. The only reason I am giving this CD only 7 points is that the production could be a little less polished, for my taste, and Olaf Römer's vocals have too much of a German accent. Otherwise, this is an album aimed at an adult audience that also likes to listen to mellower sounds from time to time.

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