MIST - We Should Have Been Stars

Mist - We Should Have Been Stars

14 songs
49:05 minutes
***** *


Mist are a very slow and mellow rock band from Amsterdam with a Spanish record label (Astro Discos) and a German distributor (Tumbleweed Records). Their third album We Should Have Been Stars is a very melancholic record never doing any harm. The opener In Love With Love already sounds exactly as the title lets you guess; don't expect dynamic parts. It is followed by the title song which could as well be used as a shopping mall soundtrack. Even if Mist intend to be very melancholic, they tend to come very close to boredom, especially on tracks like Thank You For Your Promises or Is It Always Active?. Fortunately there are also some better moments on this record. My favourite track is The Belong Song which is noisier than the rest of the album and reminds me a bit of Placebo. Love Should Be Fun, Platitude Art or the Radiohead like Everything's Clear are other fine examples to underline that mellow music must not necessarily be boring. Fans of Radiohead, Nick Drake or Burt Bacharach certainly might enjoy the 14 songs on this record which contains mostly acoustic passages. Other instruments to enrich the songs are wind sections, strings and organs. The fragile vocals can be compared to Nick Drake or Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) without ever achieving that level. We Should Have Been Stars is best suited for poets, and I never liked poems anyway. But listening to it is nevertheless OK, even if not too exciting.

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