MISTAKEN - Piece Of My Youth

Mistaken - Piece Of My Youth

7 songs
31:56 minutes
***** ***


Washed out colours, three guys with not so modern haircuts, coming from a country where the Summers are short and the Winters are cold. Danish three-piece Mistaken have all the ingredients to be a great alternative band, and they use them.

As the first band on the small indie label Quartermain, their 7-song album Piece Of My Youth has everything which made hearts beat faster several years ago. Intolerant music fans or hypesters would now bitch that this music has come 5 to 10 years too late, but to me, this is a fine piece of alternative music unspoiled by any trends or bandwagoneering.

Sure, what we hear is not necessarily original, but the combination of Placebo-like melancholy with mid-Eighties Sonic Youth guitarscapes works. I wouldn't pick out one song as being totally great, but the seven songs work as a whole, and make listening to this CD a pleasure for anyone who likes the bands I mentioned before.

The only real point of criticism is the last song which supposedly lasts for a quarter hour, but ends abruptly after only 4 minutes. I have lamented this situation often, making a CD appear longer than it actually is. Apart from that, Piece Of My Youth is a very good debut that deserves 8 points.

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