Mister Kite - Box Of Fear

12 songs
53:31 minutes
***** ****
Lion Music


Mister Kite are a very promising talent from Sweden. The band first got my attention due to their contribution to the compilation Blackmore's Castle, where different bands paid tribute to Deep Purple and Rainbow. Mister Kite surprised with a very heavy and modern version of Bloodsucker.

Before recording Box Of Fear, Mister Kite published their debut already in 2002 and supported Dio on their Scandinavian tour. This is all sounding very retro, but as a matter of fact it isnít. Their style is not easy to define, lying somehow between rock, hard rock and metal, without forgetting progressive elements. They have an excellent singer who's showing some similarities to Linkin Park. The music isn't always easy to follow and reminds me quite often of Devin Townsend. Nevertheless, no song is missing melodic parts without losing energy or power. The songwriting is on a very high level and the instrumentation is impressive, too. Especially the strong bass lines and the powerful drums contribute to the very astonishing rock songs. Even when Mister Kite are presenting themselves from a calmer side (Into Nothing, State, Do Your Worst), they convince the listener with good songs and don't risk to slip into mellow parts which unfortunately happens all too often with metal ballads. After nearly an hour, you're astonished that this album without weak parts has already come to an end. Mister Kite haven't of course reinvented rock music, but they have at least produced a solid piece of rock.

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