MISTRESS - II: The Chronovisor

Mistress - II: The Chronovisor

11 songs
50:24 minutes
***** ***


Mostly more of the same is what we got from Birmingham sludge monsters Mistress on their 2003 album The Chronovisor, the follow-up to their hard hitting debut. Like the predecessor, this one has also now been re-released on Earache Records, again with two bonus tracks, where especially their take on Darkthrone's In The Shadow Of The Horns has a nice rootsy black metal touch. Also covered is Crowbar's Like Broken Glass.

The rest of the album tends slightly more to a punkish grind crust direction than the debut, with more short songs that feel at ease between incendiary Napalm Death power and reckless Discharge crust punk power. There is also again a longtrack, 38, this time nearly thirteen minutes long and without the redundant noises of the one on their previous album. Considering that doom metal originated in their hometown, Mistress still add an insane momentum to their slow dirges. Unlike cleaner acts from the USA or continental Europe, Mistress have just the attitude you must get when you're nursed on fish and chips with plenty of acrid vinegar.

II: The Chronovisor is a worthy successor, and with the two cover version bonus tracks should be motivation enough to check out the early days of this crazy doom sludge band from Birmingham.

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