MISTRESS - Mistress

Mistress - Mistress

11 songs
54:26 minutes
***** ***


When releasing Mistress's third album In Disgust We Trust, Earache Records also bought the rights of the band's two previous albums that were formerly out on Rage Of Achilles Records. Their self-titled debut that was recorded in the winter of 2001/2002 is one dirty piece of sludge core / doom metal, with occasional blastbeat parts to lighten things up a bit. And while Mistress never truly invent a new genre, they nevertheless achieve a downright dirty atmosphere with tuned down guitars, rumbling bass and thundering drums, with Dave Cunt's vocals sounding like the tormented death shrieks of a torture victim. It all comes across very old school, as if early Napalm Death had jammed with proto-Hellhammer. Grind core tracks God Of Rock and DVDA (a possible South Park influence here?) are instant winners, but the sludgier doom tracks, especially Goatboy, also have inherent charm. The regular twelve minute closer Lord Worm bores after only seven minutes already with futile feedback noises, but those with the necessary determination are rewarded with two cover version bonus tracks. Metallica's Whiplash is massacred in an incredible death core manner, and Tom Waits's Earth Died Screaming is so unlikely and great at the same time that I nearly can't believe it; even the intricate percussion work finds its way into Mistress' version. This debut album may not be a classic, it just comes about ten to fifteen years too late, but it is still a very entertaining piece of dirty extreme doom metal.

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