MITCH & MITCH - 12 Catchy Tunes (We Wish We Had Composed)

Mitch & Mitch - 12 Catchy Tunes (We Wish We Had Composed)

12 songs
46:30 minutes


Mitch & Mitch are a five-person duet, formed in 2002 by Mitch and Mitch. The band line-up includes James Boned Mitch, Mr Bitch (formerly known as Mrs Mitch) and Serious Mitch. The band info starts with such crazy information, so don’t expect the music to be conventional. This crazy band from Poland started in 2002 and released their first CD Luv Yer Country in 2003.

12 Catchy Tunes (We Wish We Had Composed) is the second album by this strange crew. As the title indicates, there are no own compositions on the record, only cover versions of more or less unknown artists. The music is not hard, and the usual rock instruments – guitars, bass and drums – are mixed with keyboards, vibraphone and glockenspiel in order to create a shopping mall soundtrack. This is reminding me of Moog Cookbook who put famous songs into analogue retro moog organ sounds, although there are no moog synthsesizers on this record.

There is not a single normal track on the album. It contains two songs written by Jürgen Hans Maier that sound like elevator music. She’s Mine was originally performed by a Polish banjo street artist. The new version also has a country touch. Porque No Me Quieres is a psychedelic tango written by Morales Pineda. The only song I recognised is Samuu (You’ve Got It). It’s supposed to have been written by the noise ensemble Hekoki Motherfuckers from Japan, but you find this song also on Anthrax’ Attack Of The Killer B’s as Startin’ Up A Posse.

There would surely be some more stories to tell about the different tracks, but then this review would never find an end. The chosen tunes may be catchy, but listening to them demands a serious effort from the music fan. It’s a loungy soundtrack for elevators and shopping malls. The latter have even been the target of a Portugal tour by Mitch & Mitch in 2005.

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