MITOTE - Folger

Mitote - Folger

14 songs
53:53 minutes
***** ****
Red Can


Mitote from Munich have been since their inception – lying only a few years back – a guarantee for respectable pop punk music. Their debut Starter was a perfect introduction in late 2006, and the adequately titled Folger even manages to improve one more time.

All the tracks on this surprisingly long CD display an optimal mixture of punk, rock and pop. A discreet Ärzte influence is taking care of the accessibility, although their sound has a distinct adult German punk touch that is in a good neighbourhood with bands like Turbostaat, Kettcar, But Alive?, Graf Zahl, Muff Potter or the genial middle phase of Schrottgrenze. The songs are mostly performed at quite a fast pace, but the melodies are never affected adversely. Highlights are Zaunwärter, which could already be found on the label compilation Circes & Squares, and the incredibly catchy Dschungelordnung. They show their more emotional side on Schlächtertango and Tatarenticker that convinces with angry spoken vocals.

As on the debut, the lyrics are once again intelligent and intellectual. Mitote worry about what is happening around them and denounce problems with a prose on the highest level. The lyrics are critical, take sides and are at no time trite. Folger is a huge progression for Mitote who should win over a lot of fans with this new album that comes in a beautiful digipak.

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