MITOTE - Starter

Mitote - Starter

16 songs
49:34 minutes
***** ***
Red Can


Mitote are a German band which arose in 2004 from the ashes of Purren, My Hero Died Today and Shagadelics. Their debut Starter has been published by Red Can Records on vinyl, but for everyone who doesn't have a record player, the label added a CD-R copy.

Mitote are a political band combining punk with indie, hardcore and even some jazz parts. As the lyrics are political and the music has a melancholic touch, comparisons to But Alive, Kettcar, Muff Potter, Boxhamsters and Turbostaat are obvious. But Mitote are doing much more than just copying these band and surprise the listener with great songwriting. The opener Beten zählt erst wenn du blutest is a perfect example for melodic punk with an emotional touch. Kulissenschieber is a sadder track and shows parallels to Blumfeld, due to the sentimental vocals. Familienballade is a more indie pop orientated track in the line of Nada Surf. Powerful arrangements and the use of two singers is the recipe for a convincing songwriting. Even if most tracks go into the emotional direction, Mitote also show other sides. Jahr um Jahr is an angrier track, Treffpunkt Wechsel contains jazz parts and is more difficult to digest and the last track Schwarze Katze, weiße Weste contains cool science fiction effects.

If Mitote had been able to keep this level during the entire playing time, the album would have received the maximum rating. Unfortunately there are some tracks that don't rock so much. Blütenbegräbnis and 2000 Watt Dimmer somehow don't kick as the melodies are not too accessible. And why Mitote put the five minute feedback Störer on their record is a complete mystery to me. 50 minutes is maybe too long for a post punk album. 13 tracks over 40 minutes would have been a better solution. But nevertheless, this debut is very respectable and Mitote is a band that deserves some attention.

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