MOB - Polygon

Mob - Polygon

4 songs
20:38 minutes
***** ****


When Mob’s last album We All Repeat The Past was released in Europe last year, I was overwhelmed by their desperate brand of noise rock. Their new four song EP Polygon consequently follows that path. Don’t expect anything catchy, or even easily digestible. Mob use their twenty minutes to create a miasmic noise rock that again sounds vaguely like Sigur Ros, if only because of the vocals, gone overdrive. The vocals are pure screamed anguish, the two heavily distorted guitars seem to be warring each other, the rhythm section, especially the drums, fight their way through this sonic jungle. On Wait For Me, one guitar screams madly and manages thus to sound like a saxophone, the slightly longer Memento at least starts with two quieter, hypnotic minutes that remind of the early Velvet Underground. Only the final track, Coming Home, approaches something like regular structure, possibly because of its short two minute running time which prevents the Danish four-piece to act out.

Last time, I mentioned already the comparisons to Placebo. This still makes sense, but where the British megasellers choose vulnerability and an effeminate touch, Mob vent all their aggressions into their music, with a sometimes androgynous schizophrenia that really makes you not want to look into these guys’ minds.

On a full length album, Mob’s hypnotic noise works even better, as it has more time to envelop its audience. But Polygon still is a nice reminder that the Danes are still alive. Let’s hope now that an equally amazing album will soon follow.

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