MOB - We All Repeat The Past

Mob - We All Repeat The Past

9 songs
50:27 minutes
***** *****


Thanks to the German label Tumbleweed Records, continental Europe finally also gets a taste of the new album by Danish noise rockers Mob. Founded ten years ago, We All Repeat The Past is already the four-piece's third album, and it shows. The nine mostly long songs fill the fifty minutes of the album with schizophrenic noise rock that plays confidently with the quiet/loud dynamics. At times there is post rock intensity to the music, but the high suffering vocals from Morten Haaber elevate their music to a higher level.

The band has been compared to a noisier Placebo or Mogwai, but my first impression was Sigur Ros taking over the shoegazer guitar distortions from My Bloody Valentine. Mob are always best when they get their guitars screaming, like on Fast Lane To Nothing, Favourite Crusade and Siren. At times they get so out of control that the rhythm section needs to set a foundation on which the soaring guitars can find a place to enter back into the structure of the song. This is very un-pop and also very refreshing, because not many noise rock bands dare to step out of line in such an extreme way.

Everyone who's into psychotic noise rock that often starts in a frail and fragile way just to wait for its moment to explode will get a lot of fun out of We All Repeat The Past. This is an excellent album that not only convinces with moving songs, but also has the advantage of originality on its side.

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