MOB RULES - Among The Gods

Mob Rules - Among The Gods

10 songs
49:45 minutes
Steamhammer / SPV


Reading the info sheet about Mob Rules' fourth album Among The Gods was the most entertaining fact about the whole CD. A quote by singer Klaus Dirks couldn't avoid a laughing attack: "Others only preach the fairytale of loyalty and honesty, we actually live the philosophy". It looks as if this German band consists of real noble knights and aristocrats. I think that he didn't hit the nail on the head because Mob Rules is a very annoying melodic speed metal band. The opening song and video edit Black Rain is too melodic and it's especially hard to listen to the high vocals. The next song Hydrophobia isn't any better. Nearly 20 years ago, Helloween used to write similar stuff, but they were at least sounding more authentic. Mob Rules make the mistake to use the same pattern for nearly every song. They contain an ear penetrating melody, dominating guitars, mandatory guitar solos and very high vocals. So I can't understand why the info sheet contains terms as 'South American flair', 'oriental sequences' and 'ethnic influences'. Mob Rules are nothing more than just another ordinary German melodic metal band that you don't need listening to. The only exception may be the eight minutes running title track which - I have to admit - is a little epic metal jewel. But it's still a long way for Mob Rules to become metal knights.

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