MOB RULES - Ethnolution A.D.

Mob Rules - Ethnolution A.D.

12 songs
51:18 minutes
Steamhammer / SPV


Starting their fifth album with the 24 minute long title track, I was quickly brought back to reality. German melodic metal band Mob Rules have been around for nearly ten years, and I understand that it's their hope to create an ambitious album, but the title track just lacks that. Instead of a well-structured prog metal song with recurring leitmotifs, we get four separate songs coupled with two intros that run seamlessly into each other, but still don't make one single song. The remaining six songs fare no better. What we get is average melodic metal that is hinting sometimes at symphonic structures or at prog-light influences ą la Queensr’che, without ever really arousing me.

It is nice to see though that Mob Rules, at least from a lyrical point of view, stand apart from most dungeons-and-dragons heavy metal bands. Their socially aware music is a rarity in these so apolitical times. But unfortunately they are neither exceptional songwriters nor do they ever bring new elements to the genre. If things are like that, I rather spend some time with the latest album by Domain who show that it is still possible to play melodic metal that can even overwhelm a skeptic like me.

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