Modern Life Is War - My Love, My Way

10 songs
24:00 minutes
***** ***


My Love, My Way, the debut album by East Coast hardcore punks Modern Life Is War, is an album that made it hard for me initially to like it. Too much do we judge bands by their singers, as the voice is the instrument most prominent in all kinds of rock music, and my first impression with MLIW was that we had another unnecessary old school band. But already the second track Late Bloomers showed me that I was wrong. Instead of betting on brutal metal sounds, MLIW have the warmest guitar sound you could imagine for this kind of music. I won't dare to call it emo, because although being full of emotions, this music is miles away from what you could expect from this genre. The vocals sound even more desperate when packed in the dense production, and the only bands I can think of even remotely are Strike Anywhere and our local dEFDUMp.

This way MLIW achieve something quite spectacular: recording an album which doesn't sound generic in any way, but with the potential to be well received with traditional old schooler and modern nu core crowds alike. It's just a shame that the album ends already after 24 minutes, and this with the song First And Ellen, probably the band's saddest song (not yet a ballad, though) and a worthy end as well as the highlight of the album.

Also interesting is the artwork showing photographs of early 20th century immigrants. I read the lyrics, but they didn't give me no clue about the background.

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