MOFFARAMMES - The Eye Of Horus

Moffarammes - The Eye Of Horus

14 songs
38:40 minutes
***** ****


Moffarammes are a duet in charge of guitar, drums and vocals that doesn’t seem to need a bass guitar. The two Swedes Mikael and Samuel have known each other since 2003 when they played in Affordable Hybrid. After that band’s breakup they decided to stay together under a new name and release, true to their motto “less is more”, a fantastic lo-fi record.

I don’t know why the album title and the cover artwork have this Egyptian flair, as their music reminds more of the East Coast indie rock scene from a quarter century ago. Right on the opener The Morning After we get jarring noise rock with a slight punk flair. The following two tracks remind of Sonic Youth’s Goo era which should fascinate the nostalgic faction. Youngsters is getting out of line with its more rocking sound that shows parallels to (The) International Noise Conspiracy. Their sound may be explained by producer Daniel Johansson who worked already for The Haunted and Shelter. The band continues again in a noisier fashion that reminds of Dischord Records. The songs are rather short, but always quite catchy and succeed without an exception. It’s quite astonishing to hear a Swedish band come up with such a pure American underground sound. Two more songs that are different deserve to be pointed out. All I Wanna Do manages to be trashy and danceable at the same time, thus drawing parallels to Run DMC. The concluding The Beginning Of The End is a nice little rock ballad that reminds me a little of the mellower Jane’s Addiction.

Those of you who like primeval indie and noise rock without an overly perfect attitude will be delighted by The Eye Of Horus. The album puts me back into a time and age when I discovered indie rock, but that’s certainly not the only reason why I am so fascinated by Moffarammes.

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