MOLOKEN - We All Face The Dark Alone

Moloken - We All Face The Dark Alone

1 song
15:29 minutes
***** ***


Founded only a year ago, Swedish band Moloken decided to record their debut EP after having written only one song. That’s some self-confidence, I dare say. Starting out as a side-project, Moloken quickly turned into a full-fledged band that wants to be taken seriously. Their quarter hour song We All Face The Dark Alone will certainly be a good introduction to the music world. Split into three different parts, it’s hard from the beginning to categorise their genre as they are adding just so many different ingredients, but it would be fair to see them in the post metal or post core genres, whatever that exactly means.

There is a definite progressive element to their sound, although they emphasise atmosphere more than technical complexity. The song takes its time to build up its momentum, giving it at times a certain soundtrack flair. The vocals are anguished screams that perfectly fit the underlying dark mood. Take the gloominess of Tool combined with the visionary composition skills of Meshuggah minus their show-off attitude, add the relentless energy of latter day Refused, and you get a vague impression of what to expect here.

We All Face The Dark Alone is an impressive debut EP, and only time will tell if the Swedes will be able to further this achievement with a full length album, and if that future release will again treat us with such nourishing long tracks.

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