MONGO NINJA - No Cunt For Old Men

Mongo Ninja - No Cunt For Old Men

15 songs
30:26 minutes
***** *


The band logo has a strong black metal appeal, but it deceives because the Mongo Ninja plays a very wilful mix of punk, rock’n’roll, trash and metal. The Norwegian quintet, only founded in early 2009, is furthermore a very industrious band, because No Cunt For Old Men is already their second album. One thing’s for sure though: the filthy title will definitely not award them the prize for “pun of the year”.

It’s hard to categorise Mongo Ninja, which in itself is a good thing, but it can’t be denied that a certain structure is lacking. The musicians first and foremost want to sound raw and grubby. Certain parallels to Motörhead are in order, even though Mongo Ninja sound much more extreme. Just as sick, although fitting the overall mood, are they lyrics that mostly deal with genitalia and prostitution… well, each to their own… The songs are kept rather simple, need only a few chords but still rock straight ahead. Unfortunately the first signs of wear show already a few songs into the album. Ideas are repeated too often and it seems as if Mongo Ninja have a hard time setting accents. Even though there I can’t make out any actually bad songs, the feeling of déjŕ-vu sets in rather quickly. A laudable exception is the title track which concludes the album in a short yet amazing grind’n’roll way.

Mongo Ninja certainly have a good time playing their music, but does the listener feel the same? Maybe they should have waited a little longer before releasing their second album, because one can’t deny that a stale taste remains after having made it through the half hour long album. I advise the band to take more time polishing their songwriting before they decide to make it to the recording studio again. Motörhead, Turbonegro, Gluecifer and the likes are still quite ahead of Mongo Ninja.

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