MONNO - Candle Light Technology

Monno - Candle Light Technology

8 songs
51:30 minutes
Subdeviant / Conspiracy


Monno is a collective of four artists playing such diverse instruments like electric saxophones, computer, drum and bass. The latter two are of course providing the rhythmic backbone, while the former two create unusual soundscapes. This Berlin-based avant group is not for the faint-hearted, and I admit that I had a hard time with this record myself. In fact of the eight songs included, there are four normal length pieces which are ok for me, while the four longer tracks (which make up two third of the playing time) are way over my head. In fact this is where you get the two faces of Monno. The short pieces are mostly rhythmical, with totally sick noises provided by improvisational sax and computer. Even if you consider computers normally to deliver sterile sounds, you get some very lively grooves here. Trail even comes with vocals, which sets this song apart from the other all-instrumental tracks. There is a wildness that reminds of avant post punk music, not easy to listen to, but those who have been bathed in The Ex, John Zorn and experimental Sonic Youth might like it. The long tracks are much more ambient, and maybe interesting to listen to while sitting in a dark room, but there is not really that much happening, like building atmospheres by lack of sounds. Other sources speak of Ruins, Jackie-O Motherfucker and even Magma, but as much as I like these bands, I can see that kind of power here really only in the shorter songs. Candle Light Technology is an album you definitely want to pre-listen before buying it.

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