Monochrome - Ferro

7 songs
19:55 minutes
***** ****


Monochrome goes pop? Well, why not, considering the URL of their website It's been about four years since I last heard something of these German emo champs, and I can't say I have been disappointed. OK, this may not be the perfect pop album, with each of the seven songs a singalong tune, but then that wasn't the intention anyway. The album starts out with the rocking Fällt, which is something you would have expected from these guys, but already the second song Angelfire is already much smoother. Luftkissen is a regular ballad, whereas Flimmern is probably the song that will stick easiest in your mind: a truly brilliant primitive guitar chord accompanied by those insinuating female vocals, always on the verge of breaking apart, is what I call great pop music: always having balls, but hiding it with these angelic voices.

So what you get here is 20 minutes of melodic emotional post punk with fantastic pop sensibilities. The opener and Flimmern being absolutely great songs, perfection is attempted with Angelfire and Luftkissen, which leaves three songs that are merely good. All in all this is even more quality than you get in a regular full length album. It's only sad that their female vocalist left them (if I understood correctly at their gig in Athus), because her voice adds depth to the music. So long I give this EP nine points and can only suggest it to every listener of emotion postpunk music.

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