MONOSTARS - Nichts für immer

Monostars - Nichts für immer

13 songs
50:49 minutes
***** ****
What's So Funny About


Nichts für immer is the fourth album by Monostars, a pop band with German vocals. So the first impression is that Monostars could be another diskurs pop band, but there are however differences to Tocotronic or Die Sterne who both disappointed with their most recent records. Compared to their previous outputs, Monostars have decided to go a calmer musical way. The pop elements are less dominant than before so that you can recognise a more restrained approach. The guitars don't play a too important part, but their music is based on a vast moog and keyboard sound. The obvious electronic parts of their music gives the monostars an Eighties pop sound. Especially In It For The Trouble, a song with German and English vocals, sounds like a tribute to the NDW-movement in the early Eighties. While listening to Stand By, you can hear that Die Goldenen Zitronen and Schorsch Kamerun must be a Monostars inspiration. The album also contains very calm songs and because of the singer's warm voice, they are reminding me of Tom Liwa, the greatest German singer-songwriter. Only a few songs still have the early diskurs pop touch. The only weak aspect on this CD are the two instrumental tracks who are nothing else than electronic experiments. Nevertheless Monostars have done huge progress and are one of the most German highbrow (?) bands.

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