Monster Manget - Mastermind

12 songs
60:05 minutes
***** **


Monster Magnet prefer to take their time. The band started already back in 1989, but Mastermind is only their eighth album to date. Usually they take two and a half years between albums, an interval which has also been respected this time. However this is their first release on Napalm Records.

This may seem like an odd choice, considering that Napalm Records are normally more into classic metal, but this didn’t leave an impact on Monster Magnet who still play their typical mix of stoner metal and psychedelic rock. The opener Hallucination Bomb comes with their trademark atmospheric sounds, although the band sounds sludgier than in the past. The following Bored With Sorcery is more upbeat and comes with a striking bass part that reminds not only a little of Motörhead. Dig That Hole slowly build suspense before turning into a small hymn. This sequence of songs show the band’s new direction. Even though Monster Magnet stay basically true to their sound, they rarely venture into faster material, as on the great 100 Million Miles. In general this slower approach works quite well for Monster Magnet, especially on the quasi-doom track When The Planes Fall From The Sky. The only failure is the too slow The Titan Who Cried Like A Baby where hardly anything exciting happens.

Mastermind is definitely not the best Monster Magnet album. Some may even claim it to be their weakest one. Nonetheless the ageing musicians still know their trade, and the spent voice of Dave Wyndorf, who will turn 55 this year, is still utterly charismatic. It won’t do any harm checking this record out.

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