MONTANY - New Born Day

Montany - New Born Day

11 songs
54:13 minutes
***** **

There are so many really boring melodic metal bands around, that whenever I get a new such album, I am full of prejudices. When I first held the Montany CD in my hand, I had to laugh out loud really bad because of the silly cover artwork: a golden god is lifted from a flying sarcophagus out of a golden pyramid, camouflaged under a brick layer. All of it happens under water, with three funny looking sharks and a weird fish swimming around the whole scene.

Montany are lucky that they are more skilled with their music than with choosing cover layout. Anyway, what we get here is fast and melodic power metal, something none too original, to be sincere, but from time to time, these boys hit really engaging melodies that make you want to hum along. Maybe that seems commercial, but their songs actually work. If you are into that kind of music, check out Back From The Sky, Pyramid Of Cheops or Chains Of Glory, and you know what I mean.

The lyrics seem to be rather sci-fi tinged, which is ok with me (as a devourer of everything sci-fi that comes into my hands). Although Montany sound very German, and have been produced by ex-Gravedigger and now-Rebellion Uwe Lulis, they are actually from the Netherlands.

Although this is not a CD I personally would listen to very often, I still have to admit that this is some of the better melodic metal I have heard recently, and therefore I don't hesitate to deal out 7 big points.

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