Monte Filet - Idyll

13 songs
53:55 minutes
***** ****


Monte Filet are the new band of the former frontman of Mad X-Ray whose album Terz left quite an impact with me eight years ago. Monte Filet’s debut came out four years ago, and now they are back with their successor Idyll.

It’s not easy to categorise the band’s music. The info sheet calls it folk blues indie pop, but that doesn’t help either. Nevertheless I manage to come up with two similar bands: Pendikel and Fast Food Cannibals. Monte Filet don’t only sing in German though, but also occasionally in English.

Idyll starts with To Get Together, a rather happy song, with exactly the right balance between heaviness and melody, plus the banjo and violin add a folk touch. This track isn’t really representative as the band isn’t limited to just one style. Their quieter and more melancholic material allows parallels to Selig. Masters And Slaves is full of pathos and not that unlike Muse. Storyteller is acoustic country ŕ la 16 Horsepower. The strangest moment comes undeniably with Fischmädchen that could also have come from Angizia. Katarinas Revolution shows the band from a more hectic and nervous side, with a little nod to Die Goldenen Zitronen.

The element of suspense on Idyll is the fact that you never know what will happen next. One might accuse the band of not really know how to sound, but one might as well praise their courage and openness. Leipzig is known for its vivid music scene, and Monte Filet have definitely done their part for it.

It’s possible to purchase this album as a regular CD and as a legal download. I would suggest you buy the CD because it contains three bonus tracks that deserve a closer listening. Furthermore – and I suppose that there aren’t too many copies – each album cover art has been designed by hand. So each piece really is truly a one of a kind object.

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