MOONLIGHT AGONY - Echoes Of A Nightmare

Moonlight Agony - Echoes Of A Nightmare

8 songs
43:28 minutes
***** ***


Although Moonlight Agony from Sweden were already founded in 1999, we had to wait for five entire years until the six-piece was ready to release their debut Echoes Of A Nightmare. Fans of symphonic power metal will call this record a real gem. Moonlight Agony have their roots in traditional power metal, using its speed and melodic parts. Further elements in their songs are folk elements which are very common for Swedish bands. Instrumentation and vocals often remind me of Blind Guardian. This is mostly the case for the opener Into Darkness, Ghost and Equilibrium. Orchestral parts give the music a generally darker touch. Especially the use of keyboards creates some spooky parts that are most prominent on the album's title song. These are only a few facts that distinguish Moonlight Agony from other power metal bands. I'm not the greatest fan of that genre because most bands sound more or less the same and their songs have no value of recognition. This isn't the case for Moonlight Agony. I have rarely heard a metal band which uses so much variation in its songwriting. Ceremony is my favourite track as it's pure prog metal with very complex structures. Even their instrumental song contains enough kicks. I'm truly surprised because the band name and the album cover gave me the impression that this would be just another true metal band. People who like late 80s and early 90s power metal will appreciate this fantastic debut.

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