Moonlight Agony - Silent Waters

11 songs
42:33 minutes
***** ***
Dockyard 1


Silent Waters is the second CD by Swedish metal band Moonlight Agony and was released two years after their debut Echoes Of A Nightmare which was already quite a promising start, suitable for fans of melodic and symphonic power metal. Shortly after that album, the band changed singer and label, which had of course some impact on the new CD.

The symphonic and even slight folk parts from the debut have vanished, with the band moving into a more progressive direction bringing the music often close to Dream Theater. The debut already contained one such track, but the new Moonlight Agony have found pleasure at writing more complex song structures. The opener Leaving Solitude is a fine mid-tempo track with playful arrangements and an epic production. You Betrayed Me shows the band from a more dynamic side. Two arguments speaking absolutely in favour of Moonlight Agony are the intelligent use of keyboards and pianos as well as the new singer David Akesson who’s sounding a lot like Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kürsch. My personal highlight is I’m Alive, the album’s most diverse track. It starts in quite a mellow way, then turns into progressive ELP territory before sporting a Hammond organ. Those who preferred Moonlight Agony’s debut get compensated at the end of the album with the heavier The Blood Red Sails and the more symphonic Solemn Waters.

Moonlight Agony have realised remarkable improvement which is especially emphasised on a technical level. The album is maybe less heavy than their debut, but fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X and Evergrey will find interest in Silent Waters.

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