MOONSPELL - Memorial

Moonspell - Memorial

13 songs
59:33 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


Thirteen years after their first single, Moonspell return with their seventh full length album Memorial, following their 2003 release The Antidote. When you are a bit familiar with their sound, you know that not two for their albums are sounding alike, which made me eager listening to their most recent work.

Memorial may be heaviest album Moonspell have recorded so far. After a short intro, Finisterra is a hard start slapping you into straight your face. The following midtempo song Memento Mori contains more keyboards and has a certain horror and gothic flair which we are used from the past. But that is one of the few calmer exceptions on the record. In general, the sound is quite harsh and clean vocals are a rarity on Memorial. Moonspell are using strong black and death metal influences without denying their gothic past. Songs like Upon The Blood Of Men, Once It Was Ours and Best Forgotten surprise with a brutality you haven't often heard before from Moonspell. Fans of the older Moonspell should listen to At The Image Of Pain and Sanguine which are slower and more atmospheric tracks close to Type O Negative. Luna, a more commercially orientated goth track with female vocals, is well done too. Much stranger are the bombastic and technoid Proliferation and the dark instrumental Mare Nostrum.

Memorial is a creative album superior to all those hundreds of average death, black and gothic metal albums and suitable for every metal fan who's able to think in more than just one single direction.

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