MORAST - Morast

Morast - Morast

6 songs
41:50 minutes
***** **


Two years ago, we received a demo tape from Nefast, a solo project by former Black Candle guitarist Dan. In this time and age, we had to dig out a tape machine to actually listen to it, and no matter how much we praise the spirit of the underground, releasing music on magnetic tape was even too retro for us. Dan must have learned from it, because he’s now back with his band Morast, consisting of him on guitar and vocal duties, and a certain Pierre on drums. They even burned their music on CD-R this time and have their own Myspace page. Progress can’t be stopped after all!

Where he thrashed out his six songs in ten minutes back then, Morast use a healthy forty minutes, making it obvious that they want to convey more with their music. So there is no bass guitar, but most of the time this doesn’t really disturb, as the guitar is downtuned quite a lot. The opener Tracking You Down (Alone With Your Fears) shows immediately what Morast is all about. Combining proto-doom (Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus) with the more contemporary school of all things released on Southern Lord, the duo crafts a fun slow doom track with evil vocals and a truly underground sound. The following De Leichesammler, probably sung in Luxembourgish although they lyrics are next to impossible to understand, is despite its nine minute running time and the demo’s longest track much faster, adding elements of Seventies rock’n’roll and early black metal la Bathory. On Remacum Burns, they pay tribute to their hometown Remich, a picturesque city on the east coast of Luxembourg, definitely not the kind of place where you would expect an extreme underground metal band to come from. The CD ends with a solid cover version of Celtic Frost’s Dethroned Emperor, citing once and for all their influences, even for those who might not have understood until then.

This self-titled demo CD-R is of course anything but professional, but that doesn’t prevent it from having a very definite appeal. Morast revive the innocent times of heavy metal when attitude was more important than a glossy production. They may not be the most original band, but the way they combine doom, thrash and black metal is working great throughout the demo. In times where local metal bands sound more and more technical, Morast are a necessary counterweight that demonstrated unequivocally where that genre initially came from! The demo is limited to 100 copies, so fans of primeval metal better act quickly!

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