Morbid Angel - Heretic

14 songs
53:14 minutes
***** ***


After the departure of guitar player Erik Rutan who totally rejoins his other band Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel decided to work as a three-piece on their eighth CD Heretic. This doesn't have the slightest negative aspect on the Morbid Angel songwriting. The opener Cleansed In Pestilence is a powerful and heavy classic US death metal track which again shows Morbid Angel from their best side. The next track Enshrined By Grace presents the band from an extremely high technical level. Then there are also a few tracks who show that speed isn't everything, but that there is always some room for melodies. The album becomes more bizarre at the end. Memories Of The Past is a classical track played on keyboards, a Victorious March Of Rain The Conqueror is sounding like a march in a monumental movie. Drum Check is a real impressive drum solo and Born Again is a guitar solo. Another negative aspect is the low quality of the production, it's nearly impossible to hear the bass lines out. Although Heretic is no new Altars Of Madness or Blessed Are The Sick, it's however a good death metal album if you skip the four last tracks. But this won't prevent Morbid Angel from staying one of the most influential death metal bands worldwide.

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