MORIFADE - Domination

Morifade - Domination

9 songs
44:50 minutes
***** *
Karmageddon Media


Morifade are a retro power metal band from Sweden whose third release is called Domination. The opener Parallels is a very fast track which shows parallels to early Helloween, although the singer is reminding more of Helstar's James Rivera. This up-tempo track is unfortunately already the album's highlight. The rest of the album is just too classic power metal stuff. Some songs like A Silent Revolution are nothing else like guitar lessons. The album also contains classics like an epic hymn (The Rising) or a midtempo half-ballad (Words I Never Speak). Even if the instrumentation and the sound are not bad, I have serious problems with the vocals which very often are too clear, too soft and too high. On Erase, the singer tries desperately to sound like King Diamond. Maybe he was influenced by Andy La Rocque in whose studio the album was recorded. Morifade had better to continue their career in a more speed metal oriented style as it is the case on the opener. Apart from that I wonder why I should listen to a modern clone as I still have my old Helloween and Helstar records buried beneath heaps of more modern stuff. It seems as someone is ashamed of his past...

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