THE MORNING AFTER - You Can’t Hurt Steel

The Morning After - You Can’t Hurt Steel

10 songs
47:09 minutes
***** ***


The Morning After are a young band from the English county Essex that has just released its debut longplayer You Can’t Hurt Steel. Their joy of playing and their technical abilities stand out from the start, but I doubt that The Morning After will make many friends with their CD as they play straight across the metal garden, which might turn off less tolerant metal fans. The rather bland cover artwork also leaves potential listeners clueless as to what to expect.

After a short and non-descript intro, the youngsters offer great melodic metal on Lost In Time, adding a few progressive ingredients. The slightly too high vocals can count as a tribute to the Eighties. The powerful Glitter And Bombs also follows more or less the same pattern, contains playful components. The transparent production always takes the most out of the songs. This might delight fans of less extreme metal, but the album also contains a heavier side. Hell And High Water is pure metalcore, and tracks like Atlantis and Sometimes After Dark may even be too extreme for some folks. I personally enjoy their strange mix, making it next to impossible to compare them to other bands. Only their AOR song In The Heart Of The Young, which might as well have been on a Night Ranger album, gives me a headache.

The Morning After can be proud of their debut. They have a charismatic vocalist who doesn’t try to sound like anybody else, and the instrument playing members are also more than competent. Their songwriting is an acquired taste, but I like it, and will continue listening to You Can’t Hurt Steel in the future.

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