MOROS EROS - I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright

Moros Eros - I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright

10 songs
36:37 minutes


With most bands on Victory Records playing either emo or hardcore music, I was really looking forward to the interestingly named Moros Eros, whose long-titled debut album is apparently lying somewhere in the triangle where the angles are Talking Heads, Modest Mouse and White Stripes. These are three very original bands, so consider my disappointment when the opener Today Is The Day delivers half-hearted post-punk as is so popular with young people these days. The band has a keyboard player, but it's mostly the angular guitar and the groovy bass that dominate the sound. Half a decade ago, Moros Eros would have been the vanguard of a movement, but today this is just too little to survive on formalities alone. With I Saw The Devil Last Night, Moros Eros have one truly igniting song, with dramatic appeal and electrifying tension, but apart from that, you get average post-punk-pop songs that certainly appeal to fashion hunters, but are just too indistinct to wake me from my torpor. I have been listening three times now to the album, and it just always seems to be over before it even has begun, without leaving many lasting impressions.

I don't feel like giving a too low rating, so I keep it fair with low 5 points. I was even tempted to go lower when I read in the info that Moros Eros are as innovative as The Mars Volta, a band that truly knows how to push the barriers of a genre. Moros Eros feel comfortable at home in a genre that has been made popular since the early millennium, and if they refuse to become more experimental, more daring, I doubt that the sun will shine bright for them in the future.

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