MOROS EROS - Jealous Me Was Killed by Curiosity

Moros Eros - Jealous Me Was Killed by Curiosity

9 songs
38:12 minutes
***** ***


Boring me nearly to death with their debut I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright one year ago, I was still rather anxious to see if Moros Eros had made any noticeable progress. Their new album Jealous Me Was Killed by Curiosity boasts again a long title, comes with a Eugene Ionesco inspired cover artwork and some of the crunchiest indie rock modern times have to offer. So in a word: yes! There has been unexpected improvement. The post-punk I lamented on the debut has been put aside for juicier rock structures that make it hard to believe that Moros Eros originate from a Southern state of the USA, and not from some English metropolis. The first comparison that sprang to attention were the Luxembourgish Metro whose vocalist sound a little like Moros Eros’ Zach Tipton, even though the Americans have a more powerful approach, and their album has a better production.

Not everything is perfect with Moros Eros though. This time, all the songs are equally good, which also means that there are no standout tracks, and as their material is located more or less in the same sonic territories, you would like to anticipate more dynamic changes from song to song.

As it is, Jealous Me Was Killed by Curiosity is still a far above average indie rock (with emphasis on the word “rock”) album that gives equal weight to all its instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums), and therefore still makes for an engaging listening experience. The aforementioned perfect production elevates Moros Eros above the trendier Brit bands that often favour glossy accessibility over a transparent production. If Moros Eros learned to play more with varying atmospheres, they might make it to the very top of the genre.

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