MORTAL LOVE - All The Beauty

Mortal Love - All The Beauty

8 songs
48:22 minutes
***** ***


The band name Mortal Love and a glance at the melancholic cover art work tell you that you are holding a gothic metal CD with female vocals in your hands. This new band from Norway really doesn't bring anything new into this music, but they play their thing nevertheless at a very high level. If you have to compare them, I only can think of Scanner from Germany or Pale Forest from Norway. On their most commercial track Crave Your Love, you also get some parallels to The Gathering. At the beginning of the record, most songs are very romantic and accompanied by nice melodies, a series which goes from the opener until the fourth song Falling For You. But starting with track number five In The Sun, the songs are less melodic and change into a sadder direction which isn't bad either. Especially I Want To Die, a song of nearly ten minutes playing time, is going deep under your skin. Even if Mortal Love haven't produced nothing revolutionary in gothic metal, their debut is sounding far fresher than the latest output by a well established act as Lacuna Coil.

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