MORTAL SIN - An Absence Of Faith

Mortal Sin - An Absence Of Faith

10 songs
47:27 minutes
***** *


I am old enough to remember Mortal Sin to be the first Australian thrash metal band to make quite some impact with their debut album Mayhemic Destruction, which was released in Europe in 1997, the year of the big thrash metal boom. Their following Face Of Despair couldn’t quite keep the same level, and that was it. Bass player Andy Eftichiou stayed on board all the time, being the only constant, although vocalist Mat Maurer only skipped one album. So now they are back, more then twenty years after their phenomenal debut, with an album that tries really hard to continue where they stopped in the Eighties. But then they are trying to hard, adding for instance another longtrack, Tears Of Redemption, which is something like the mirror image of Lebanon from the debut. The band is trying hard to make a political statement but don’t appear to grasp the complexity of the matter at hand. The same can be said for the remaining lyrics where they try to reinstall social awareness into heavy metal music, but clearly lack the means to express themselves.

Apart from that, An Absence Of Faith never even reaches close to their debut. The band delivers able thrash metal, in the vein of bands like Testament and early Metallica, but in the end, with a new drummer and two new guitarists for this album, you hardly can say this is the same band they started out to be in the mid-Eighties. The riffs are ok enough, and a few songs (Out Of The Darkness, Deadman Walking, Eye In The Sky) actually do stand out, but generally this is just slightly generic old school thrash metal which would have been ok for a newcomer band. Mortal Sin don’t get away so easily and have to be satisfied with six meagre points. Somehow they remind me of Meliah Rage, another band that was rather promising twenty years ago and now are still struggling without apparently getting their feet on firm ground.

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