MORTICIAN - Darkest Day Of Horror

Mortician - Darkest Day Of Horror

20 songs
39:45 minutes
***** ***
Relapse / Suburban


If these guys were to start an Italian restaurant, their specialty would be splatteroni. Mortician are back with a new album, and Darkest Day Of Horror is exactly what you would expect from that grind death band from the USA. OK, the cover artwork isn't as explicit as usually this time, only blood smeared zombies walking around, but the music makes up for that. 20 songs in 40 minutes, and nearly every song is introduced by a sample from a horror movie, to make you feel at ease right from the beginning.

As in the past, also on the new album Mortician chose to use the drum computer. The programming is organic enough so that only the sometimes inhuman speed of the songs lets you hint at the computer in the background. But as Mortician - according to their rarely updated website - are looking for a drummer, and as Darkest Day Of Horror is their last album for Relapse Records, we might expect maybe some changes for the future.

For now, it's still the perfect symbiosis of the headcrushing brutality of death metal and the supersonic speed of grind core. The production is charmingly underground, and I felt more than once reminded of cult ancestors Repulsion when it comes to the guitar sound. Appropriate song titles (Chopped To Pieces, Cannibalistic Fiends, Slowly Eaten) should appeal to every no-nonsense horror freak, and death metal fans and grindcore fans alike should appreciate the brutality of this violent piece of music. Not very technical, and surely not subtle in any way, but entertainingly relentless in its vision of gore. 8 disembowelled points.

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