Mortician - No War

12 songs
60:36 minutes
***** **
Pure Steel


I was rather nonplussed that the true metal label Pure Steel Records would release a CD by Mortician. Was that the right company for the American grind death gods? But the first song proved me wrong as this here is a different band going by the same name. The different band logo on the cover should have made me realise this already earlier.

The Mortician in question are an Austrian band that was founded already in 1987, two whole years before their American counterparts even began. They never made it far and released only two demos and one EP between 1987 and 1989. These three items plus a live song with really bad sound have now been compiled on this album bearing the same name as their EP: No War. The recordings are original works from the Eighties that have only been remastered. The sound quality of the eleven studio tracks is flawless and have, thanks to modern technology, not lost an ounce of their authenticity. The band plays classic heavy metal with some speed metal touches. Even when they play really fast, they never actually sound brutal. The music feels a little askew at times, and never overly complex, but it’s these nostalgic circumstances that give the CD a certain charm. The only weaker song comes with Sacrifice Of Sin, whose long nine minutes lack variety.

Apart from that small complaint, No War is a cult item that couldn’t sound more old-fashioned. One may wonder if there is a market for re-releases of a band hardly anyone knew in the first place. Metal fans should still take the risk. I promise they will get their money’s worth.

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