MORTILLERY - Origin Of Extinction

Mortillery - Origin Of Extinction

10 songs
42:40 minutes
***** ***


Mortillery are a Canadian thrash metal band that has been around since 2009. After an EP and the debut album Murder Death Kill (2011), they are now back with their second longplayer Origin Of Extinction. Focal point is female vocalist Sara McCutchen who looks rather fragile but just like Jill Janus from their label mates Huntress, she can transform into a regular fury.

Those who liked already the primal thrash metal on the debut won’t be disappointed either with Origin Of Extinction. The songs sound as if they had been written a quarter century ago, but the recording quality is of course much more sophisticated than back then. It has to be noted that Mortillery never sound overly brutal. Only Cease To Exist, which reminds of Judas Priest’s Painkiller, and the aggressive Maniac show the band from their more unleashed side. On the other tracks, the melodic component is never neglected, and apart from the vocals, comparisons to OverKill and Death Angel are in order. The vocals are quite raw and it seems as if Ms McCutchen takes inspiration from the likes of Jill Janus and Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow. I also want to point out the fast F.O.A.D. where the vocals are clean and the guitar work reminds of the NWOBHM era.

All in all Origin Of Extinction has become a very entertaining thrash metal delight. The band may not really set any new accents, but then I doubt that this was the intention in the first place. This album definitely mirrors the musicians’ love for their music. Mortillery do their very best that the current thrash revival won’t stop any time soon.

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